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Monday, March 03, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends

When I put the word out that I'd be working with kids and needed needles and yarn...boy did you guys come through...boxes and boxes of fun fur, a budging bag of cotton and various sundry yarns I might have bought myself and decided much to late were just too bright... teens LOVE this stuff.

I start by showing the...STAB the hole, AROUND the tree, UP-SIDE DOWN, GET RID of me. Then I have them put their hands on mine as I do it and Voila, so far every kids has picked it up and done it...really, I am totally blown away!

1 little class grew to at my daughter's aftercare and two at the high school where I teach. A student came in today and asked me if I'd teach her to "do the sticks," she said she is seeing it everywhere in school now and doesn't want to be the last one to get it. Very Very fun!

This is my budding fashion designer...this is her second creation. The first was an enormous fur shawl that was the shape and volume of a stomach. We decided to hang charms off of it. She is planning to wear it to the prom...more pictures later of that! Very cool!

These are my homeroom students. I teach knitting to them in the mornings when I'm SUPPOSED to be teaching them about the value of patience, persistance, hardwork and planning ahead...oh, never mind...I guess I am.

China, Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala in the house!

These are the kids in my AFTERNOON knitting class, who bring me yummy snacks.

Cameroon & El Salvador in the house


Hillary said...

That is so neat! Look what you've started! You must be the most popular teacher in school :)


TheAmpuT said...

This is so great. What a gift you are giving.
Any boys giving it a try yet?

cici said...

Thanks for sharing that. They all look like they are having so much fun..