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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cool things I really had nothing to do with...

Yes, I'm and English teacher and I like to end my sentences with prepositions-besides..." Cool things with which I had nothing to do" sounds, well, queer -as grandma would say.

I have some very cool things of my own to share soon but at this moment how about these:

This is not your granny's automobile, no wait, maybe it is!

My preference would have been a knitted Prius out of recycled yarn but you gotta admit this is pretty damn cool.

Unexplainable knitted things in inexplicable places...
I am ready to quit my job and become Washington D.C.'s Knitting answer to Cool Disco Dan

Love me tender...
Too cool for school! I wish I had time to whip one of these up for Halloween.

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Bob Clayton said...

Cool "Disco" Dan
[Tune: Wabash Cannonball]

Riding a commuter train into town one day,
Looking at the scenery to pass the time away,
I saw a name I'd seen before, written with a spray-paint can,
The artist's only claim to fame, his name, Cool "Disco" Dan.


Cool, Cool "Disco" Dan, keep writing while you may;
Get your name out in the world, no matter what they say.
On every wall or fence-board with your handy spray-paint can,
The wall-write man is all right, man, you're cool, Cool "Disco" Dan.

I saw the name two dozen times, all the way down town,
And thirty more on the long way home, and that just made me frown.
Did he not have another life, have nothing more to do
Than strive for recognition writing words to me and you?


I saw him in my mind's eye then, a young and restless man
With time hung heavy on his hands, and a simple sort of plan --
To get his name remembered and known both far and wide,
And make his mark upon the world before the day he died.


I pitied that lone figure in the life I dreamed for him,
A biography of drudgery in a world grown small and grim.
"Poor fool," I thought, "Your name is seen by travelers every day,
But that's all they'll ever know of you, that's all you had to say."

But nagging at my inmost self was a voice so soft and low:
"At least that guy's got recognized, what have you got to show?
The work you do when you're at work is faceless as can be,
And you'll never get your name out there for anyone to see."


But then I thought of my good friends, so kind, so strong, so true,
And the work I do's not flashy, but it's the best work I can do.
So if earthly fleeting fickle fame is the best thing you can plan,
I'll just say, "Good luck to you!" and "Here's your spray-paint can!"


Copyright (c) 1991, Bob Clayton, Silver Spring, Maryland